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RMA & Returns

Product Replacement for End Users

** When applying for an RMA please do not forget to give a highly detailed description of your problem.

Step 1
Please verify the status of the unit by following the user manual instructions

Step 2
Please search our Knowledge base or the Official Forum for possible solutions

Step 3
Please contact our technical support team via this online form.

Step 4
After you have verified that the product is defective and required a replacement, please start the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) process by selecting the type of RMA below:

Please note, all replacements made by Xtreamer concern new and unused units during this warranty period (Free gifts aren't replaceable).

First Year RMA Service: 3 Steps to replacing your defective unit

1. In case your device should experience any issues unrelated to firmware or you receive a defective unit, please contact us
    from within your account at Xtreamer.net shop and request an RMA.
2. Please deliver us a clear and detailed explanation of the issues with your Xtreamer.
    The more we know about your problem the faster we will be able to help you. Please include all the relevant details related
    to the issue you are experiencing.
    These details may include: your audio-video setup, TV brand and number (for Xtreamer), HDD type, your PC operating
    system, router and network setup etc. In case you have playback issues with certain media files please include Mediainfo
    log. You should also describe everything you've tried to fix the problem.
    Any pictures of visual damages to the unit are welcome. The serial number should always be mentioned for any RMA to
    be approved.
3. Our RMA officer will review your request within 10 working days or sooner. Once we will authorize your RMA, you will be
    asked to follow the next steps:
  • You will receive mail asking you to fill RMA form we will provide to you the link for it.
  • You will be required to mail back RMA form to: rma.xtreamer@gmail.com
  • After getting shipping approval, you will be required to put one copy of this form inside the box and keep one copy for your records. Be sure to obtain a RMA & order No. and clearly mark the outside of the box with these numbers. Instructions about what is needed to be written on the package and return shipping address will be provided to you within the RMA approval mail.
  •  You will be asked to ship your faulty unit to Xtreamer.net warehouse. Please do not send any accessories (cases, cables, brackets, remote control, AC Adapter, Ice Cube, manuals, hard disks and product box).
  • You will be asked to provide a PDF scan of the stamped postal receipt showing shipping details: date, sender, recipient and shipping cost; to: rma.xtreamer@gmail.com Kindly use regular mail Not express mail/tracking number (postage expenses should not cost more than 10.00 Euro).
  • After receiving your device at our warehouse, replacement device will be sent and you will receive a tracking number by mail to your account. 
  • We will refund your account for shipping cost upon payment method you used, or issue a store credit upon your request up to 10.00 Euro.
We expect a solution within 15-30 working days or sooner counting from issuing you with a RMA number.

Our Refund Policy
At Xtreamer, we are trying to give you the best value for money, not only by the products we provide but also after sales
service and customer support.

As an Xtreamer client you are entitled to a money back guarantee in case you are unhappy with your purchase. 
If the item is returnable and you send it back to us unopened in the original box, Xtreamer Store will offer you a refund
less handling fee based on your original method of payment. You must return the product to the Xtreamer warehouse within
14 calendar days of delivery upon instructions we will provide. Please contact us within your account mail for RMA request.
All products must be packed in the original, unmarked packaging including any accessories, manuals, documentation and
registration that shipped with the product.

Please note, our sales manager would like to clarify, for refunds to orders that have already been made, we cannot refund
the full amount. Fees paid to external partners will only be refunded if we can recover these.

How to inititiate the RMA process

(1) goto you account at shop.xtreamer.net
(2) log into your account with the same details of your order
(3) verify your order status is set to "Completed" - if not ask us to change the status for you by sending us a message
     within your account.
(4) click the Return Item button within your completed orders section
(5) fill the form and provide clear explnation of your exprience
(6) Add your serial number , #order number, your full address details within the message

Please note : Xtreamer.net serves RMA only customers who bought at xtreamer.net webstore directly.

Packaging and Shipping Instructions

Returning your In-Warranty Xtreamer.net media streamer for Warranty replacement:

  • A Return Material Authorization (RMA) number is required for every return shipment to XTREAMER.NET . The applied Return Material Authorization number on the shipment must match the correct amount of units, model type and serial numbers.

  • Use Xtreamer.net approved packaging.

  • Write your Return Material Authorization number on the outside of the box in bold letters.

  • Use a traceable carrier that can provide a proof of delivery. (Keep these for your records.)

  • Return Material Authorization numbers are valid for 30 days, from the date they are issued.

  • Remove and keep third party cases, cables, brackets, remote control, AC Adapter, Ice Cube, manuals, and diskettes. We cannot return these items to you.
    Double-check and remove any mounting dongles/adapters/hdd attached to xtreamer.

WARNING: XTREAMER.NET maintains serial number tracking. Any unit discovered to be stolen will not have the warranty honored, will not be returned to user and no credit or replacement will be processed or issued.


A. Product was damaged during transport as a result of bad packaging
B. Product damaged, modified, scratched, or opened
C. Product has one or more XTREAMER.NET  labels removed or torn
D. Product was shipped without proper ESD protection (except external drives)

  • We will send you new device & refund your account for shipping cost, as soon as

    1. Your RMA request has been approved by our RMA officer‬.
    2. We will receive shipping confirmation from you by scan PDF of stamped postal receipt showing shipping date, 
        of sending faulty unit to our warehouse.
    3. Our Logistic Department will confirm that your package was received at warehouse.‬

    After sending your new device:
    1. We will notify you by mail in your order (your account at http://shop.xtreamer.net), tracking number and shipping details.
    2. We will refund your account for shipping cost upon payment method you used, or issue a store credit upon your request.
    ** For more information about your RMA you may follow your RMA status online. You can also contact us for any question within your order mail account or by chat live to Sales representative help.
  • Xtreamer.net shall have no liability with respect to (a) data lost, regardless of the cause, (b) data recovery services, or (c) data contained in any Product placed in Western Digitals' possession. Xtreamer.net is not liable for and has no obligation to pay for any cost associated with data recovery.

  • Please read the following shipping instructions carefully.Product that arrives damaged in shipment, without an RMA number or without appropriate warranty information, will be, returned to the sender non-repaired. Products, damaged through neglect due to improper packaging or in shipment, will have the warranty voided and will be processed and returned to you non-repaired. Note: An example of improper packaging would be sending a product back in an envelope.

  • Only products and quantities authorized through the Return Material Authorization process will be accepted. If your RMA packing list is in error, ie. Wrong product description, wrong model number, wrong capacity please contact Xtreamer.net Customer Support prior to shipment.

  • External Xtreamer.net Enclosures: Please remove the drive from the xtreamer enclosure. Return the unit in its original enclosure/plastic housing (without having been opened or dismantled, without the power adapter). Please keep all software, manuals and interface cables.

  • Internal Hard drives: Remove and retain all add-on items (i.e., cables, software, adapters, dongles brackets, installation guides and/or USB antenna) prior to shipment. We are not responsible for these items and cannot return them. We will only return the Xtreamer.net items specified on the RMA.

  • Not following these Packaging Shipping procedures to return Xtreamer.net products may void your warranty. Click here to review the XTREAMER.NET official warranty policy.

  • All products require stable and sufficient packing material, needed to protect the product from ESD (Electro Static Discharge) influences and possible damage during transport.

  • Required Packaging Steps:

  • A. Place unit in ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Bag .
    B. Wrap with 2 inches of bubble wrap or non-movable foam cushioning.
    C. Place in sturdy cardboard box. Do not use chipboard, as it is not strong enough to withstand the rigors of transit. Please make sure the corrugated carton is free from defects and is structurally sound. Note: Returning a XTREAMER.NET unit in an envelope, will void the warranty.
    D. Please print out the RMA Label and affix on the box. Write the Return Material Authorization number on outside packaging, on three sides in bold print.
    E. When shipping multiple items, each item must be, packed as above, hard drive must not directly touch each other and cannot move inside the packaging. All products MUST be, packed in individual anti-static bags and in a sturdy cardboard box. Please utilize Xtreamer.net original packaging when available. DO NOT USE peanuts or packing material that can shift or settle during transit.

  • Warning: Returning a XTREAMER.NET unit in an envelope, will void the warranty.

  • Send your product to the address located in your RMA Premailer. Retain a record of your RMA number and all tracking/shipping numbers for your records. This will allow Xtreamer.net to better serve you with possible inquiries.

  • Your Return Material Authorization number must be visible on 3 sides of the box. Any package sent in without an RMA number will be returned to you non-repaired. If you have multiple RMA numbers, send them in separate boxes (If you are sending multiple Return Material Authorization in a single Over Pack container, each Return Material Authorization number within the over pack carton, must be, individually, boxed with the specific Return Material Authorization number associated with that device, written on three sides of the box in bold print. Failing to follow these specific Over Pack instructions may possibly void the warranty and result in the product being returned to you "as is".)

  •  Please use regular mail not express mail/tracking number (postage expenses should not cost more than 10.00 Euro).

  • The cost of sending a unit to the returns service center in most cases is covered by us up to 10.00 euro shipping cost. If we ask you to send us the unit or any part of it this cost is paid by the customer.
    After our Logistic Dept. confirmation of receiving your faulty device at our warehouse, we will refund your account for shipping cost upon payment method you used, or issue store credit upon your request.

    Xtreamer.net pays for the return shipment (except for some Latin American countries). Xtreamer.net will refuse any collect payment shipment. If upon arrival your products are out of warranty the shipment will be returned to you at YOUR COST and may be scrapped without further notice.

Xtreamer.net Customs Requirements for International Customers.

  • International Customers: As a convenience to you, the Customs invoice (Pro Forma Invoice) or packing list provided may be used for Customs purposes. Please sign and date the form (when applicable) and include it with your shipment. XTREAMER.NET C pays any duties/taxes incurred at Customs for the replacement product. Customer pays any duties/taxes incurred at Customs when shipping direct to XTREAMER.NET C. Please contact your Customs and Excise Authorities regarding any excess Import/Export charges that your country may apply. XTREAMER.NET  will not pay for these extra charges. You may also ship the drive via your local post office, but we recommend you ship the package with recorded delivery.

  • Customs Requirements:

    • Commercial Invoice/packing slip (It can be hand written)

    • Return Material Authorization Number (RMA)

    • Estimated Value per unit = $100.00

    • Description (i.e. Device Number)

    • The words: "In Warranty Replacement" are printed on the proforma. This acknowledges to customs that the drive is a replacement and not 'new'.

(Country of origin is also marked on the label on the top of the drive)

Our warehouses do not accept walk-ins. In order to get your product replaced, you must send it in by postal mail.
Please do not ship a unit to us without a valid Xtreamer.net RMA number. If you do, our warehouse will return the device to you.
Make sure the RMA number is clearly marked on the outside of the box and ship our device using a traceable carrier (someone who will track your package).